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UDL Symposium 2024 

Join us on June 12 2024 at RMIT in Melbourne for the ADCET Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Symposium 2024, where you can immerse yourself in a day of learning, sharing, and exploring innovative UDL practices. Connect with like-minded educators, experts, and advocates to deepen your understanding of UDL principles and strategies and be part of a community dedicated to creating inclusive and engaging learning environments for all.

Call for abstracts and registrations open now

UDL Symposium 2023

UDL In Action: the what, the why and the how of UDL 

ADCET was delighted to host our inaugural tertiary education symposium on Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which was held virtually in September 2023.

UDL In Action: the what, the why and the how of UDL brought together experts, practitioners, researchers, and advocates from diverse fields to explore the latest developments in Universal Design for Learning.

The UDL Symposium featured keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops, allowing participants to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on future initiatives.

By creating an inclusive educational environment that caters to the diverse learning needs of all students, UDL has emerged as a powerful framework for educational innovation and excellence. The Symposium offered an opportunity to share knowledge and good practice with tertiary education colleagues regardless of how far into the UDL journey you or your institution is.

UDL Symposium Program (doc)

Who attended

The Symposium welcomed interested colleagues from Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training contexts from educators Learning Designers, Learning Support Staff, Disability Advisors, Accessibility Advisors, Assistive Technology Officers, Inclusive Education students, and staff and students with a disability in education and training, administrators, policymakers, and other stakeholders who have an interest in Universal Design for Learning.

Meet the UDL Symposium Team

Organising Committee

  • Elicia Ford, NDCO (Illawarra and South East)
  • Elizabeth Hitches, Griffith University
  • Darlene McLennan, ADCET
  • Gabrielle O'Brien, ADCET
  • David Swayn, NDCO (Northern Queensland)
  • Jacqui Tinkler, Charles Sturt University
  • Justin Wylie, Central Queensland University  

Symposium Facilitators

  • Elicia Ford, NDCO (Illawarra and South East)
  • Darlene McLennan, ADCET
  • Gabrielle O'Brien, ADCET
  • Debbie Rooskov, NDCO (Southern Queensland)

Technical Support

  • Jane Hawkeswood, ADCET
  • Kylie Geard, ADCET
  • Darren Britten, NDCO (Tasmania)/ ADCET 
  • David Swayn, NDCO (Northern Queensland)
  • Charley Ulale, ADCET

Social Media Coordinator

  • Charley Ulale


ADCET will provide the recordings, transcripts and materials for all sessions after the Symposium. We will email all registered participants to let you know when they are available on the website.

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