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Communities of Practice

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ADCET facilitates opportunities for the tertiary sector to develop Communities of Practice (CoP) around a range of key interests or emerging issues relating to students with disability.

These CoPs provide interested staff with a shared concern or interest to interact regularly, exchange information, and improve knowledge and skills. In some circumstances these CoPs provide guidance to peak bodies and government on important issues and assist in keeping ADCET best practice up to date.

How can I join a CoP?

There are several CoPs overseen or supported by ADCET. Some are by invitation only, and some are open to all. For those that are invitation only, the CoP shares information about activities through the aust-ed email list and other forums.

What if I have an idea for a CoP?

If you have an idea for a COP, please email to discuss.

Your CoP should include:

  • primary contact who will manage the CoP
  • a list of core members
  • key objectives and outcomes of the CoP (around 2 – 4 key objectives and what you aim to achieve)
  • duration (usually 12 months in the first instance)

Current CoPs

There are currently a range of CoPs you can be invited to or participate in:

Assistive Technology

Aims: The ATCoP brings together staff from across the sector who are involved in the provision of advice and solutions for students using assistive technologies. The main aims of the CoP are to:

  • identify and explore the range of learning technologies and assistive technologies currently being utilised by learners
  • share current practices, issues and solutions.

Key contact: Darren Britten (invite only)

Disability Managers (University)

Aims: This CoP is for Managers who oversee disability support services within universities to collaborate and exchange information on current and emerging issues.

Key contacts: Elicia Ford; Darlene McLennan (invite only)

Inherent Requirements

Inherent Requirement CoP which aimed to facilitate discussion and information-sharing among the post-secondary education sector on Inherent Requirements is currently on hold.

Key contact: Darlene McLennan

Symplicity Access

Aims: This CoP is for tertiary providers who have purchased or looking at purchasing Symplicity Access. The aim would be to share experiences and discuss the current functionality of Symplicity Access and be a united voice to seek improvements within the system. 

Key contact: Darlene McLennan

Universal Design for Learning

Aims: The UDL CoP brings together educators and disability practitioners to enhance inclusive educational environments for students with disability. This CoP supports development and implementation of best practice in UDL. It includes developing guidelines for inclusive courses, support strategies for working with students, summaries of guiding legislation and standards and more.

To participate go to our UDL page to Get Involved in the Conversations this includes:

  • nominating for the CoP
  • signing up for UDL Newsletters
  • exploring UDL training and forums

Key contact: Darlene McLennan

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Aims: The WIL CoP brings together WIL Placement Coordinators/Officers, educators and disability practitioners to explore barriers to participation in WIL for students with disability. For 2023 the main focus for the CoP includes developing guidelines for inclusive WIL policies, support strategies for working with students, summaries of guiding legislation and standards and developing a framework for training. Beyond 2023 we hope to provide continued opportunities to:

  • foster collaboration and networking opportunities with other WIL placement officers and coordinators who share the same goals and challenges
  • provide access to valuable resources, research findings, and emerging trends related to disability inclusive WIL policies and procedures
  • facilitate participation in focused discussions, webinars, and workshops to collectively develop the guidelines, templates, and training framework
  • enhance opportunities to highlight your expertise through co-authorship and presentation opportunities.

You can register your interest in participating in this CoP by completing this form.

Key contact: Darlene McLennan