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How to Transition to Tertiary Education

 "Autism" written in the middle and "How to transition to tertiary education" above and  "Helpful hints for people with autism spectrum disorder" below

Helpful hints for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Congratulations on deciding to undertake tertiary study at university or TAFE. You will encounter many changes with this transition: a new physical environment, different teaching and learning approaches, and new expectations of you as a student.

Coping with change and transition can be difficult for many people, and if you are on the Autism Spectrum you may find it particularly challenging.

The information was developed as two booklets. These booklets discuss many changes to expect, but cannot predict all possible changes you may experience. Each university or TAFE is different; each campus is different; the staff are different; the students are different; and the way you experience it may be different as well. Nevertheless, a good logical approach to planning will help you cope with the transition

    The How to Transition to Tertiary Education; Helpful hints for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder project was developed by the National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) program. The NDCO program is funded by the Australian Government to work strategically to assist people with disability access and participate in tertiary education and subsequent employment. To find your nearest NDCO, go to

    Awareness of yourself and others | Know your strengths and challenge | Familiarising yourself with the campus | Studying at university or TAFE | Organising your study | What support could be helpful | Find key people who can help you | Communication tips | Managing stress and anxiety | Information for parents | Student checklist | Helpful resources | Exercise sheets & tables