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UDL Resources

A range of resources are available to support and improve your Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practice. We encourage you to explore these to create a toolkit of strategies and methods that work for you and your learners.


Taking a look at UDL on an international stage, these podcasts are conversations with international educators involved in the implementation of UDL in Ireland and the United States.

    You can listen to more podcasts on a wide range of topics here


    Practical applications of UDL in relation to assistive technology, assessment and institutional implementation. In October 2023 ADCET hosted a UDL Symposium, the presentations were recorded and can be accessed on the UDL Symposium page. 

      You can also view a range of new UDL presentations through the UDL symposium

      Checklists and Templates

      UDL is a mindset rather than a checklist, but learning resources, rubrics, checklists and templates can be valuable when starting out. Like UDL, these are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some of them will be relevant, others won’t, and some may only have small components that are useful in your educational setting. It’s up to you to decide what will work for you and your learners.

      Resources related to UDL Checklists and Templates

          Additional resources

          Resources related to UDL