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20 stories for 20 years

We asked friends of ADCET to reflect on the last 20 years with ADCET.

We asked them two questions:

  • What has been the most significant change/s you have seen occur in the sector in the last 20 years?
  • What change/s would you like to see happen in the next 20 years?

Here's what they had to say...

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Anthony Gartner, Latrobe University 00:00:29

Jen Cousins, TAFE SA 00:03:16

Matt Brett, Deakin University 00:05:42

Doug McGinn University of Tasmania 00:09:09

Brandon Taylor, TAFE QLD 00:13:50

Dallas Dunn, University of South Australia 00:15:41

Erica Schurmann, Curtin University 00:18:48

Jodie Hoger, TAFE NSW 00:25:19

Gabrielle O’Brien, ADCET 00:28:53

Kay Dean, Newcastle University 00:29:58

Lisa Kavanagh, Deakin University 00:33:11

Sondra Wibberley, retired practitioner 00:37:41

Tim Pitman, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) 00:49:35

Lizzie Knight, Victoria University 00:53:03

Rick Boffa, former disability services manager 00:57:23

Shelley Odewahn, Southern Cross University 01:01:42

Tracy Stewart, Holmsglen 01:03:00

Berinda Karp, former practitioner 01:06:13

Andrew Downie, University of Technology Sydney 01:10:27

James Newton, TasTAFE 01:13:30