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Our impact

In celebrating 20 years of ADCET here are some statistics about our impact on the tertiary education sector and engaging with disability practitioners, educators and students over this time. 

Infographic of ADCET's impact, text version on website provides detail

Statistics from the infographic above showing our impact.

  • Over 1 million website engagements annually
  • 53,000 engagements with webinars
  • 30,000 people enrolled in eLearning
  • 22,000 YouTube views of ADCET video content
  • 7000 downloads of our guidelines
  • 4700 webinar recordings access 
  • 1600 social media followers
  • 1500 newsletter subscribers
  • 521 organisations have adopted our eLearning in their LMS.


Don't just take our word for it! Our stakeholders have great things to say about the value they derive from ADCET so we are grateful to all our stakeholders for your support!

7-star status for ADCET! 

For myself, the team of Accessibility Liaison Officers and the teaching teams at Victoria University, ADCET is a fantastic support!

This reliable resource is promoted regularly in our practice and in training sessions on Universal Design for Learning, Disability Awareness and all things related to disability support and assistive technology!  

Academics, educators and student support teams often remind us about how excellent the ADCET site is – please ensure funding is secured into the future for this outstanding resource. 

Jen Anderson, Senior Coordinator, Accessibility Services Student Wellbeing, Victoria University and Victoria Polytechnic

As a newcomer to the tertiary education sector, ADCET has been an enormous source of information, wisdom and support in all things education related. I’ve worked in the disability sector for over 30 years and ADCET is by far the most comprehensive and professional resource I have ever come across. The collegiality and willingness of practitioners across the country to share their knowledge and expertise is truly inspirational.

Michelle Anderson, Manager, Access & Inclusion, University of SA 

Back in the 90s when we were fighting for a national clearinghouse for disability in education, we had very high expectations. I am delighted to say that ADCET has exceeded those expectations and become my go to resource for the last 20 years. Congratulations to the whole team.

Trevor Allan, Disability Services Manager (Retired)

When I arrived in Australia 8 years ago and then landed my first role as a disability practitioner on Aussie soil, ADCET was my source of truth! I was the only disability advisor in the university and having ADCET to refer to ensured that I aligned with best practice in the sector. I have also referred countless academics and students to the website, to explore teaching strategies and assistive technology options. ADCET ensures that we as practitioners are all on the same page which benefits students with disability in tertiary education.  Thank you ADCET for supporting us to support students with disability equitably, and I look forward to the next 25 years!

Veronica Nelson, Access and Inclusion Advisor, University of SA  

It’s not just ADCET’s industry specific insights and knowledge that I’ve found so valuable, it’s also the various ways that ADCET share and facilitate knowledge through connecting people, research and focused discussions - congratulations on your 20 years team and thank you! 

Liz Sullivan    Manager, UniAccess, Student Success and Wellbeing, University of Western Australia 

ADCET is a rich source of knowledge, drawn from practicing professionals across the disability sector.  ADCET is my go-to, where I am able to keep current in disability practice and emerging trends.  ADCET facilitates connection and collaboration within the disability practice community with great respect to and collaboration with individuals with lived experience (practitioners and students alike). ADCET is willing and open to new opportunities, which in turn creates them. ADCET has helped me learn and grow my knowledge and keeps me always open to new ways of working, empowering myself and others.

Disability Advisor, University

A TAFE QLD practitioner for 28 years; I moved into a disability educational role in 2017. The ADCET team and their amazing suite of innovative and inclusive resources immediately made me feel comfortable, in control and totally supported. Through their modelling and encouragement, I now get involved with the development and trialing of resources for our industry! The ADCET team genuinely cares for student and practitioner growth, both professionally and personally

Meredith Jackson, Leading Vocational Teacher, Student Support, TAFE Queensland 

Where would we be without ADCET (and Jane and Darlene and the team)? I’ve worked in this field since 1999 across three universities. ADCET has led us through the many ongoing challenges and changes of our work – the introduction of NDIS, the increased numbers of students with mental health conditions and complex disabilities, the ever-changing area of assistive technology, and of course the COVID pandemic and the sudden move to online study. My recent personal favourite were the 12@12 lunch sessions - helping us develop our emotional resilience during covid. Here’s to another 20 years of ADCET!

Deb Toman, Accessibility Consultant, University of Technology Sydney

As a disability practitioner who often provides discrete support to our students, ADCET has been my ‘go-to’ resource for technology know-how, practitioner best practice and often just the simple but vital confirmation that I’m doing the best I can for our students' engagement, independence and progression. ADCET is a wonderful resource. Happy 20th birthday!

Brandon Taylor, Manager, TAFE Queensland 

ADCET has been an invaluable source of knowledge. Through their webinars, I have been able to keep my knowledge up to date and I have also been able to see how the knowledge about digital accessibility I have applies in the context of higher education.

Ronny Andrade, Digital Accessibility Lead, RMIT University

ADCET is the go-to resource for both new and experienced DLO’s, teachers and students. The resources and PD offered are invaluable for all in the sector to understand and benchmark best practice. ADCET responds to emerging issues and trends through its links with NDCO’s and practitioners to provide much needed information and guidelines. Adult Education is more inclusive in Australia because of the work of ADCET.

Thank you for supporting us, to support students. Particularly, given the tenuous situation ADCET faces regarding funding, it’s more important than ever that the work done by ADCET is recognised.

Tracey Stewart, Convenor: TAFE Disability Network (TDN), Victoria

Starting out in the tertiary sector, I found ADCET resources incredibly helpful and engaging. ADCET is an amazing hub for industry information that I access regularly. ADCET supports best practice and continuously strives for equitable access in the tertiary education sector. Thank you ADCET.

Jessy Olech, Disability Liaison Officer, Student Wellbeing, Holmesglen TAFE

ADCET provides the Tertiary Education Sector with the most up to date current professional training. The webinars provided professional training over the breadth of a worker’s career. This training has embedded a high quality of service across Tertiary Education Sector in Australia. 

Kim Neville, Digital Accessibility Practice Lead, Australian National University