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Logo with 20 years of ADCET, the logo has a pale teal background with the words in darker teal and navy. There are illustrated representations of people with disability surrounding the 20.

20 years with ADCET

In 2022, Australian tertiary education marks 20 years of inclusive teaching and learning advancements led by ADCET.

Why ADCET Matters: Students with disability are the fastest growing equity group in Australian tertiary education. While great strides have been made in supporting students’ access, participation, and success in tertiary education, there is still a great deal to be done. This cannot be achieved by a single student, a single teacher, or a single institution — effecting meaningful change requires a community.

For 20 years, ADCET has unified, guided, and given voice to a remarkable community of like-minded individuals and organisations. ADCET has built a sector-wide reputation for excellence in producing, curating, and disseminating information, resources, and good practice. Trusted for over two decades as the reference point for disability professionals in tertiary education and training, we are proud to lead alongside our community. 

Our 20 years would not have been possible without all of your support. Thank you!

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