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student checklist

before semester commences

Read this Helpful Hints booklet.

Download a map from campus website.

Visit the campus on an Open Day or arrange a personalised visit.

Locate the library, lecture rooms and toilets.

Locate the cafeteria and bookshop.

Identify a quiet place to go to de-stress.

Practise travelling to and from campus.

Attend pre-enrolment information sessions relevant to my course.

Locate student support services.

Contact student support services to enquire about supports provided to students with ASD.

Give consideration to disclosing my ASD.

Practise using at least one stress reduction technique.

Identify my skills, talents and strengths.

Identify the things that I may need help with.

at the beginning of semester

Attend course orientation sessions.

Attend a library orientation or information session.

Read information for new students pages on campus website.

Find the contact and titles of staff who could help me if required (my ‘go-to’ people).

Make an appointment with disability support staff to arrange a LAP or RAP.

Ensure I have relevant documentation about my condition, required by support staff.

Get a student identification card.

Obtain a copy of the Unit Outline for each of my subjects.

Enrol in tutorials or laboratory sessions.

Draw up a Semester Assessment Planner.

throughout the semester

Do a Weekly Planner each week.

Follow my Weekly Planner.

Make sure I understand assessment tasks and if not check with teaching staff.

Regularly practise stress reduction techniques.

Remember my strengths, talents and skills.

Read relevant chapters of this Helpful Hints booklet when needed.

Get additional support when required – if feeling overwhelmed, highly stressed, or unsure of requirements.

Take time for relaxation and recreation.