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Pathways 4 - Perth 1998

Theme: Creating the Future

List of papers presented

Allen, Julie-Anne: Doing it the Hard Way
Allan, Trevor: U.N.T.I.E.D.- Using New Technologies for Independence, Empowerment, and Development
Duggan, Laura: On or Off the Record
Gibson, Cassandra: The Next Step: Inclusive University Education for people with an Intellectual Disability
Hurst, Alan: Support Developing High Quality Support for Students with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties in Universities in the Third Millennium
Hurst, Alan: Awareness Disability Awareness-Raising and Disability Awareness-Training in Higher Education
Jardine, Trevor: Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Improving the Educational and Career Options of People with Disabilities
Johnson, Jaye: The Universal Design Approach to Inclusive and Accessible Post Secondary Education
Knight, Justene: Looking Behind the Label
Lawrence & Lenehan: Challenges and Options for Service provision in Small Communities
Luena, Dr. Paul: Assistive Technology and Postsecondary Education Literature Review
Little & Gibson: Disability Funding for Tertiary Education in New Zealand: Moving Towards a More Inclusive Environment?
Miller, Ruth: Empowering, Educating, and Equipping Academics to Assist Students with Disabilities in Tertiary Education
Muir, Jeremy: The Glass Door
Mungovan & England: Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Issues and Needs of Students and Staff with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) within Tertiary Education
Murfitt, Kevin: Inclusive Practices: Optimum Outcomes (I.P.O.O.), Two Years On: The Deakin Experience
Noble & Mullins: Guidelines for Academic Staff Teaching Students with a Disability
Dowdy & Osborne: Successful Strategies for Students with a Psychiatric Disability Studying in a University
Paez, Di: What is a "Reasonable Academic Adjustment": Implications for Academics Requesting Medical Information from Students
Rolf, Ann-Marie: Covert Modelling of Skills Relating to People with Disabilities
Rudd & King: Legal and Ethical Dilemmas and Issues for Disability Liaison Officers in Tertiary Institutions
Smith, Geoffrey M: The Dogs at the End of the Sleigh:Academic and Social Participation and Tertiary Students with Hearing Disabilities
Stickels, Cheryl: What's So Essential About This Requirement?: Guidelines to Determine the Essential Requirements of University Courses
Struhs, John et al: PracABILITY-Assessing and Addressing the Practical Issues Facing Students with Disabilities Undertaking Practical Placements in Nursing Courses at University
Syme, Lawn & Jones: University to Employment: Current Strategies and Future Directions
Tsouris, Annette I: Study with Dissociation
Watson, Jason: Tertiary Students with Disabilities: Groups in New Zealand

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