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Advocacy & Networks

Disability Advocacy ensures the human and legal rights of people with disabilities are promoted and protected so that people with disabilities can fully participate in the community. An advocate in the disability sector works to ensure the rights of people with disabilities are upheld and supports people with disabilities to make decisions affecting their lives.

Disability Advocacy Resource Unit

Across Australia there are a range of advocacy services, student networks and student representative organisations available for people with disability studying in higher education.


Advocacy services provide advocacy assistance to individuals with disability, their families and cares. Others advocate and lobby on a broader level for the interests of all people with disability, or type of disability, region or group. Some do both and/or other types of advocacy.

Advocacy services can help people with disability to voice their concerns and/or help to bring about an improvement or resolution to address the issues of concern.

Student Representative Councils, Associations & Unions

Many educational institutions, for example universities, TAFEs and other providers, have various student representative bodies involved in different ways that allow students to have a say about the institution. These bodies, including student representative councils, associations and unions, often include specific representatives of students with disability who voice the particular experiences of people studying with disability. 

Often you can connect with and/or participate with any of these organisations through social media, student online forums at your institution and/or via email. Search your institution’s website or contact your student support services for details.

Links to further advocacy support

    State and territory legal services 

    Additionally, there are state based legal services that have expertise in disability discrimination or can refer you to additional services as appropriate: