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Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships are an excellent way to finance study and to obtain recognition for your achievements. Prizes and bursaries can also be listed on your curriculum vitae and a track record built that will impress future employers and scholarship givers in the future. It is not always necessary to be an A grade student to receive a scholarship, prize or bursary. Scholarships are offered to students by a wide range of organisations such as community organisations, large and small charities, State, Federal and local governments in addition to tertiary institutions.

Many organisations offer scholarships in a wide variety of categories such as students with disabilities, students in equity groups, students from overseas and students that have demonstrated academic achievement in a particular area of study.

There are four types of scholarships:

Federal government scholarships

    Education provider scholarships

    Search for 'scholarship' on your education providers website to obtain more information about local scholarships, grants and bursaries. Or, open the link below to the Good Universities Scholarship Search

      Scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

        Community scholarships