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Financial Assistance

Most students cover the costs of their education through multiple income streams including:

  • Government financial assistance programs e.g., Youth Allowance, AUStudy, ABSTUDY)
  • Fee assistance to cover tuition fees i.e., Study Assist
  • Scholarships and bursaries (either offered through the Government, your education provider or community)
  • Paid work (such as a part-time or full-time job)
  • Support from family (if available)

Top tips:

  • Make sure you have researched your options for study assistance and the tuition fee eligibility.
  • When you look at different education providers look for opportunities to apply for scholarships or bursaries.
  • Scholarships may be offered for academic merit, sporting achievements, background. If you meet the criteria then apply! You have nothing to lose by applying. Explore more on our Scholarships and Awards page
  • Consider how you will balance your studies with work and how many hours you need to work to help with costs. If you have family support this is valuable too. It could be financial support, or in-kind support such as living at home, having a meal once a week, or internet access. 
  • Make a budget using the Government's MoneySmart This link takes you away from the ADCET page tools

Below is some additional information on different sources of financial assistance.

Government Assistance

The Australian government provides financial assistance to students or Australian apprentices through a range of income support allowances, additional payments and support loans. It is important that you find out as much as you can about your options for assistance.  

This might involve contacting and speaking directly with:

  • Services Australia (Centrelink)
  • an Australian Apprenticeship Centre or 
  • the student support services area at your university or TAFE.

This income support has a range of eligibility criteria and is means-tested student income support allowances for eligible students undertaking an approved study course or an Australian Apprenticeship available through Centrelink (Services Australia).

Services Australia

      Living Away from Home Support

      Students who are eligible for Australian government income support payments and who also need to live away from home to undertake higher education study may be eligible for additional financial support. This is available from Services Australia, through Centrelink, and includes:

      • Fares allowance
      • Higher rates of youth allowance
      • Relocation Scholarship
      • Rent assistance

        Australian apprentices who need to live away from home to take up or retain an Australian Apprenticeship may be eligible for additional financial support. This is available through an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC). 

          Trade Support Loan                                              

          You may be eligible to receive an Australian Government loan to assist with course start-up costs or general living expenses whilst you are a student or Australian Apprentice.  The schedule of repayment may depend on your subsequent income.

            Support options for financing tuition fees

            Students undertaking Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training can get financial support for their tuition through a Higher Education Loan Program e.g., HECS-HELP or a VET Student Loan e.g., VET FEE-HELP. Find out about eligibility, loan types, and paying back your loan on the Study Assist website.

              National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

              The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides the reasonable and necessary supports people with disability require to achieve their goals. The NDIS is being progressively rolled out across Australia and is currently operating in specific locations and for specific cohorts. Students or Apprentices who are participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may receive assistance for their studies through the National Disability Insurance Agency. The NDIS website contains more information on eligibility and launch site details.

                State or Territory Support

                Students with disability may be eligible for TAFE fee concessions or exemptions. Check with your local TAFE.

                The transport authority in your state or territory can provide information about the following:

                • a taxi transport subsidy scheme (or equivalent)
                • a disability parking permit.

                Other Financial Assistance - Scholarships

                Scholarships are offered by a wide range of organisations such as community organisations, large and small charities, State, Federal and local governments in addition to tertiary institutions. Students from many different backgrounds are eligible including students with disabilities, students in equity groups, students from overseas and students that have demonstrated academic achievement in a particular area of study. Scholarships & Awards Information