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Postgraduate Study

More and more students are choosing to do postgraduate study. As with undergraduate students, students with disability can still face significant barriers. These may include, but are not limited to, supervisors' lack of awareness of disability-related issues or difficulties completing in the specified timeframes.

Postgraduate policies, practices and procedures should offer students with disability the same opportunities as their peers. In addition, they may require reasonable adjustments to meet their particular needs and clear information about their rights and responsibilities. Supervisors may find it useful to meet early with prospective candidates to plan any accommodations and discuss the implications of the student’s disability for their studies.

The information provided elsewhere on this website, such as Course Design and Course Delivery, is  also applicable to the postgraduate environment. This includes:

  • Provide a welcome message to students with disability to encourage applications.
  • Ensure that recruitment, marketing, scholarship and course information is accessible.
  • Take an inclusive approach to planning recruitment and transition activities.
  • Ensure that selection processes are equitable.
  • Provide clear information about course requirements and expectations.
  • Meet with prospective students early to discuss learning support needs and any adjustment requirements.
  • Make students aware of information and resources that may assist them.
  • Provide information about specialised services that postgraduate students with disability may need.
  • Provide staff with disability-awareness training and ensure that they are aware of their  responsibilities.

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