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Webinar: Inclusive practice as the standard in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges

This webinar, hosted by ADCET in partnership with ATEND, was held in October, 2015.

Professor Wood's presentation will draw on the findings from a national funded learning and teaching project which has drawn on evidence from usability, accessibility and learning analytics data to make the case for a more inclusive approach to learning in teaching in higher education. The findings show that inclusive practice involves more than accessibility considerations in isolation from other factors that impact on our diverse students’ experiences. Building on this work and initiatives being implemented at Central Queensland University, the presentation will explore the broader policy and practice implications at the institution level and a proposed model informed by the evidence from the research and the literature, which seeks to demonstrate the changes required to achieve the longer term goal of inclusion being the standard practice in education rather than an exception. 

Denise Wood, is Professor of Learning, Equity, Access and Participation at Central Queensland University and is an adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of South Australia. Her qualifications include a PhD (Education), Master of Educational Technology, Master of Design, Graduate Certificate in Flexible Learning, Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work.