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Inclusive Technology: Videos

ADCET is excited to be launching a number of wonderful videos that showcase students using technology to support their studies in post-secondary education. Technology can play a powerful role in improving the access to education for students with disability. These videos show a range of technologies in use and the impact they have had on the student’s success.

ADCET thanks Lyn, Vocational Education staff at RMIT University, Brunswick campus and Martin Kelly for making this video possible.

If you are thinking of returning to study, Lyn says, "Don't hesitate. Do it."
Lyn is studying Textiles and Fashion at RMIT  Using a C-Pen Reader, Seeing AI, speech recognition and text-to-speech has helped Lyn throughout her studies.

ADCET would like to thank the University of Tasmania’s Disability support program, the students and Martin Kelly for making the following videos possible.

Meet Braydon. Braydon is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Philosophy. Braydon’s dream is to one-day work in radio. Dragon Naturally speaking is turning this dream into a reality.
Braydon's video

Heath shows his determination to complete his Bachelor Degree in Business & Human Resources using Eye Gaze technology. He says he started using Eye Gaze technology in the second year of his university studies and hasn’t looked back. His advice to others is to give study a go, you never know where it could land you.
Heath's video

Meet Randy who is passionate about studying Social Sciences because it studies the patterns and social structures within society. Speech to text and voice dictation technology has enabled Randy to excel in her degree. Using this technology, she has overcome the challenges with reading and writing.
Randy's video

Duncan Meeding  is enrolled in a Masters of Social Work and is a user of technologies such as JAWS, KNFB Reader and Victor Reader Stream.
Duncan's video

Ramona Mandy from Humanware demonstrating how the KNFB reader works to scan and read documents. KNFB is an App for iPhone and Android that allows users to take a photo of an image which is then scanned and read out instantly. The App makes access to printed materials easier and more efficient. The KNFB has been developed for the needs of people who are blind or have a vision impairment.
KNFB Reader video

Ramona Mandy from Humanware demonstrating the Victor Reader Stream. The Victor Reader Stream is a hand-held talking book and media player. It can play your favourite books, podcasts and music all from one place. It has built in wireless capacity and weighs less than a 100 grams.
Victor Reader Stream video

Ramona Mandy from Humanware demonstrating how the BrailleNote Touch works. The BraiilleNote Touch is the first Google certified braille tablet. It allows people to take notes, schedule appointments and has the efficiency of a modern smartphone or tablet.
BrailleNote Touch video

Inclusive technology in action: