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Deaf and hard of hearing: Personal wireless hearing devices

This technology provides a portable option that can be used in a variety of situations such as classrooms, small group meetings and one to one conversations. Students who are hard of hearing who use headsets or earphones, or hearing aids or cochlear implants may find these devices useful.

The Phonak Roger Pen

The Roger Pen is a sophisticated technology that uses a microphone to transmit auditory information by radio wave to a receiver worn by the student. The pen design of the microphone is inconspicuous and practical and uses ISM band which Phonak claims has superior auditory quality to what FM and Bluetooth devices use.

Different receivers are available that allow the pen to transmit information to just about any hearing aid, cochlear implant or headset.

The pen can be used in a variety of situations to transmit audio. In a classroom the teacher can wear the pen on a lanyard and in a meeting the pen can be placed in the middle of a table to capture what is being said. If the student is having a one-to-one conversation they can point the pen in the direction of the person that they are talking to. In a large venue where there are a number of people talking the pen will only be able to transmit the audio of the person or small group of people it is positioned for.

The pen can be paired with Bluetooth devices allowing the user to access audio from smartphones and other systems.

Purchasing information: As purchase of a Roger Pen needs to consider the type of hearing aid or cochlear implant that a student is using it is important that a student consult with a hearing specialist to ensure that the appropriate product is selected.

Australian Hearing is one service that provide advice on hearing technologies. 

    Bellman Audio Domino Pro FM

    This Domino Pro FM is one example of a personal FM device. It operates in a similar way to the Roger Pen but uses FM frequencies and a less conspicuous transmitter and receiver device.

    This video explains more about Bellman devices.

    For purchase information

      Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+