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Deaf and hard of hearing: Live Remote Captioning (LRC)

In educational settings LRC is typically used to provide live captioning of what a teacher is saying. The teacher wears a lapel microphone connected to a smartphone (or cabled into the rooms’ audio system), a captioner who has been contacted prior to the start of the lecturer listens and captions what the teacher is saying. The student can receive the captions, which appear in blocks of text, live by logging onto to a website that hosts the text the captioner is typing. This information can also be projected on a screen within the educational venue allowing all students to view. 

Following the lecture the captions can be added to lecture capture video such as Echo360.  This allows the student to view a video of the lecture with text appearing at the bottom of the video a line at a time and synched to correspond with what the teacher is saying. This requires the captioning organization being given access to the Echo 360 system.

Organisations who provide Live Remote Captioning (LRC)