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Australian Human Rights Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission is an independent statutory body under federal legislation. The Commission’s roles include to:

  • handle complaints of discrimination, or breaches of human rights
  • hold public inquiries into human rights issues
  • educate and raise public awareness
  • provide legal, policy and other advice to the courts, parliaments and governments, and 
  • research into human rights and discrimination issues

The student may be able to make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.if they feel they have been discriminated against by a tertiary education provider, training provider, their employer, and/or a prospective education/training provider/employer based on their:

  • disability
  • age
  • gender 
  • race
  • sexual preference
  • social origin, and/or
  • religion

The Commission can help both parties of the complaint matter to resolve the issues of complaint and arrive at an agreed resolution to the situation. This is called a conciliation process. An outcome of this process can include an apology, reinstatement to a job, course or educational/training institution, compensation for lost wages, policy change or better anti-discrimination training.

The Australian Human Rights Commission website contains helpful guides, forms and information on how to lodge a complaint.