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  • Article

    Analytical Decision-making Model for Addressing the Needs of Allied Health Students with Disabilities - US

    This American article aims to review literature on students with disabilities, focusing on allied health and related professionals and propose an analytical decision-making model for assessing students’ needs and providing reasonable accommodations. (Sharby, N. & Roush, S.E. (2009).  in Journal of Allied Health 38(1): 54)

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    Association of Medical Professionals with hearing loss (AMPHL) - US

    AMPHL (US) provides information, promotes advocacy and mentorship, and creates a network for individuals with hearing loss interested in or working in health care fields. AMPHL also offers a Forum where questions are asked and answered on areas such as stethoscopes, assistive listening devices, phones, mobile communication, paging etc.

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    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

    The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is the organisation responsible for the implementation of the national registration and accreditation scheme across Australia. It works with fourteen national health practitioner boards to do this. Information on registration for practitioners with disabilities and education provider responsibilities regarding student fitness to practice can be found here.

  • Article

    Development of physiotherapy inherent requirement statements – an Australian experience

    This paper describes the steps which were taken to develop inherent requirement statements for a 4-year entry-level physiotherapy program at one Australian university. The authors note that the statements are transferable to other physiotherapy programs in Australia due to standardised physiotherapy accreditation requirements. (Bialocerkowski, A., Johnson, A., Allan, T. & Phillips, (2013).  BMC Medical Education 13: 54)

  • Article

    Disabled occupational therapists – asset, liability … or ‘watering down’ the profession? - UK

    This article describes a small-scale UK study of the experiences of occupational therapists with a disability in who recounted their journeys and provided first-hand accounts of the reality of being a disabled health professional. The findings suggest that there is further work to be done before the profession benefits fully from the inclusion of therapists with a disability, and the paper concludes by giving possible explanations and making recommendations to help facilitate this inclusion. (Disability & Society  29(4): 583-596).

  • Article

    Making Tactile Charts on a Personal Computer for Blind Students in the Allied Health Professions

    This article describes how to make tactile charts for students who are blind and in the allied health professions on the basis of medical images and how students who are blind evaluate these charts. Editing rules for creating the charts are discussed.  (Yoshida, T. & Ohtake, N. (2002). in Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness 96(5): 354-61)

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    Physiotherapy Board of Australia

    The functions of the Physiotherapy Board of Australia include:

    • registering physiotherapists and students
    • developing standards, codes and guidelines for the physiotherapy profession
    • handling notifications, complaints, investigations and disciplinary hearings
    • assessing overseas trained practitioners who wish to practise in Australia  
    • approving accreditation standards and accredited courses of study.