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ADCET Webinar: Sonocent Audio Notetaker - more than just a digital note taking tool

ADCET and the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND) presented this webinar in August 2018. 

Audio Notetaker has proven to be an effective tool in addressing the note taking challenges of thousands of higher education students around the world. It enables students of all abilities to attain greater academic success and, importantly, develop study skills that are critical for lifelong learning. Audio Notetaker is also being utilised as a total work flow tool and for many students, it is viewed as their Universal Design Office suite.

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In this presentation Jim Sprialis outlined in greater detail how the various advanced features of the software are utilised to:

  • more effectively manage captured spoken information in a live (or recorded) lecture
  • create study guides from a single (or series) of lectures
  • generate written text for assignments
  • create audio books from pdf documents
  • create summary notes of flipped content (e.g from online videos or webinars) 

The unique features of the companion app were demonstrated with a focus on the Scribble-Audio linking and Scribble pin labelling features which can support the capture of STEM content (e.g. equations, graphs).


Photo of Jim Sprialis

Jim Sprialis is a leading influence in the field of technology and inclusion. He has been an educator for 28 years and during the past decade, managed the South Australian Education Department’s Inclusive Technology Service. Jim now runs his own consultancy service and offers expert advice, presentations, professional development programs and training and support in a broad portfolio of inclusive technology solutions to schools, the tertiary sector and workplaces. With a specialist knowledge base around disability and learning difficulties such as dyslexia, he is passionate about promoting inclusive technologies and universal design approaches that can benefit everyone in their productivity and lifelong learning. Jim is also the Australian contact for Sonocent and has been working with Disability Advisers from several Australian Universities to implement Sonocent Audio Notetaker as a notetaking accommodation.