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ADCET UDL Symposium: Building Inclusive Learning Communities - The University of Sydney’s Approach

The recordings will be added here in late September

In-person presentation

What impact can fostering inclusive educational communities have on designing for diversity in our learning environments? This 15-minute presentation outlined the initiatives undertaken by the University of Sydney to foster inclusive learning communities through the implementation of UDL principles across its campus. The university’s approach serves as a comprehensive model, integrating various elements of UDL, and emphasising flexibility in the ways information is presented.

A site serves as a repository for UDL resources and facilitates dynamic interaction among educators. This site features case studies showcasing successful integration of UDL principles in different disciplinary contexts, illustrating practical applications that other educators can adapt and emulate. Additionally, blog articles further enrich the community’s knowledge base.

A key component of the University of Sydney’s strategy includes the establishment of a community of practice (CoP) that brings together faculty and professional staff to share strategies, challenges, and successes related to UDL. This CoP meets regularly, creating a robust support network that encourages continuous learning and improvement in teaching practices. This CoP is opened to guests so that they can gain insights from their peers and support on developing their own UDL journey, transform their teaching and create better learning experiences for all students.  

Further enhancing the UDL framework, the university conducts monthly UDL chats and workshops, which are pivotal in maintaining an ongoing dialogue about UDL. Open to all members of the teaching and learning community, these sessions not only provide immediate, actionable feedback but also foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration that extends beyond the classroom. Through this chat, people connect and share innovative ideas that can be applied by all. This assists in developing a broader community of UDL minded educators.

The University of Sydney’s comprehensive approach to UDL demonstrates a commitment to educational excellence and equity.


Sarah Humphreys, University of Sydney

(June 2024)