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ADCET UDL Symposium: Harnessing Generative AI to Empower Inclusive Education

The recordings will be added here in late September

In-person workshop

The University of Sydney is actively engaging with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to enhance the inclusivity of their education environment. This interactive session examined the role of generative artificial intelligence in supporting this endeavour, particularly within the framework of the university's "Designing for Diversity" strategy.

This session briefly discussed the development and implementation of customised University of Sydney AI assist, plus LUDIA, another AI powered partner. These tools are aimed at aiding faculty members in the application of UDL principles to their teaching and assessment. They serve as an ally in designing educational experiences that are accessible and effective for a diverse student population by providing tailored, actionable guidance to educators.

Key to this interactive session was the opportunity to experiment with three Generative AI tools. The goal was to discover how they can be harnessed to enhance the adoption of inclusive education practices, based on the workshop participant’s real-world applications and outcomes. Insights were shared from early pilot programs that illustrated their ability to enrich course design and elevate student inclusion and engagement, along with feedback from users and students.

The intersection of AI and UDL presents an exciting opportunity for increasing the inclusivity of learning environments in higher education. This workshop also addressed the critical conversations they have been having surrounding the ethical use of AI in an educational context, emphasising the importance of using technology thoughtfully and responsibly to foster inclusivity.   


With over 30 years of teaching experience across diverse educational settings, Kria Coleman is currently an Educational Designer at the University of Sydney. Her work focuses on developing innovative classroom pedagogies, assessment designs, and collaborative learning strategies. Kria works with the potential of generative AI to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences. She is dedicated to fostering learning environments where students can thrive, leveraging her background to enhance educational practices and support student success. As a PhD candidate, her research centres on Self-Regulated Learning and Socially Shared Regulation of Learning, particularly as students transition to university.

(June 2024)