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ADCET Talking Tertiary

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The Talking Tertiary (TT) podcast series invites leading disability advocates from the community to share their expertise in supporting people with disability in tertiary education. We ask our guests to reflect on the changes they have seen in the sector and what the future of disability inclusion looks like.

The aim of this podcast series is to engage the broader tertiary education sector, especially our senior leaders in university and VET institutions. The series features leading disability advocates in the tertiary education sector sharing their leadership expertise to provide guidance about whole-of-institution disability inclusion.

Our guest speakers reflect on previous and current challenges in supporting increased participation of people with disability in tertiary education. Drawing on their expertise they explore opportunities for the sector to influence and advance disability inclusion.

Guest Speaker 1 - Graeme Innis

In our first Talking Tertiary podcast we talk to Graeme Innes AM. Graeme is a former Australian Human Rights Disability Commissioner, author, lawyer and newly appointed Chancellor to Central Queensland University. In this podcast the host speaks to Graeme about the importance of having people with disability in senior leadership roles in tertiary education and how education providers can improve disability inclusion to improve outcomes for people with disability in education and employment. Graeme also shares his thoughts on Australia’s legislative obligations, disability legislation reform, and more. Don’t miss Graeme’s valuable insights and practical advice for educators and leaders in the tertiary education sector. 

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Guest Speaker 2 - Dr Sandra Thom-Jones

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with Professor Sandra Thom-Jones. 

Professor Sandra Thom-Jones, who also goes by the moniker 'the Autistic Professor', has worked for many years in the higher education sector providing leadership, advice and support for research engagement and impact across university research.

In conversation with Sandra she provides tips on how everyone can provide more inclusive and support study and work environments to Autistic people drawing on not only her research and professional practice but her personal experiences as an Autistic person, and the mother of two Autistic sons. 

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