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Podcast: ADCET Talking Tertiary with Professor Sandra Thom-Jones

The Talking Tertiary (TT) podcast series invites leading disability advocates from the community to share their expertise in supporting people with disability in tertiary education. We ask our guests to reflect on the changes they have seen in the sector and what the future of disability inclusion looks like.

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with Professor Sandra Thom-Jones. 

Professor Sandra Thom-Jones, who also goes by the moniker 'the Autistic Professor', has worked for many years in the higher education sector providing leadership, advice and support for research engagement and impact across university research. Her most recent role was as Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research Impact for the Australian Catholic University.   

Sandra is now a Consultant who provides a range of services to support Autistic people and their families and friends, with a particular focus on autistic adults and services for workplaces, educational institutions and other organisations that want to create more inclusive and supportive environments for autistic people. 

In conversation with Sandra, she provides tips on how everyone can provide more inclusive and support study and work environments to Autistic people drawing on not only her research and professional practice but her personal experiences as an Autistic person, and the mother of two Autistic sons. 

Sandra's passionate and personal insights make this an important podcast for everyone to understand some of the little and big changes we can make in the sector to improve the inclusion of Autistic people!