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ADCET Webinar: How ClaroRead can support learners with dyslexia or difficulties with reading and writing

ClaroRead is a quick, simple and discreet piece of software that provides the user with text-to-speech for any readable text on their PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet or phone. Select voices, reading speed and pitch, get mobile apps for use on the go, and enjoy the many extras such as screen tinting and ruler, customisable text highlighting, and study skills tools like ClaroPDF, Claro Capture for researching and gathering information, and Claro Ideas for mind mapping. New Australasian initiatives, including supported pilot trials, will also be described.


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Mary Wilcox is a Product Evangelist at Claro Software. She demonstrates Claro’s products at events and online. Mary has a background in education with 19 years of teaching experience.

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Jim Sprialis is an inclusive education and technology consultant and has been a leading influence in the field of inclusion and technology for 30 years. With a specialist knowledge base around disability and learning difficulties such as dyslexia, he is passionate about promoting inclusive technologies and universal design approaches.

Contact Jim Sprialis for further information on Claro software. the provision of complimentary licensing or to arrange a free pilot trial for your school or institution.

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