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ADCET Webinar: Microsoft Teams Assistive Technology Interoperability & Accessibility Features

With the move to online learning and collaboration due to the impacts of COVID many tertiary providers are using Microsoft Teams to engage their staff and students. 

This webinar was presented by Mark Wilcock and Neil Milliken from Atos, UK. 

Microsoft Teams provides a suite of tools used for collaboration. This presentation provided an overview of the interoperability of a number of market leading assistive technologies and the accessibility features integrated within Microsoft Teams.

The presentation discussed a number of topics regarding meeting, chatting, and collaborating inclusively within Microsoft Teams including:

  • General Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • Assistive Technology Interoperability
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking; Job Access with Speech; and ZoomText
  • Inclusivity Features Integrated within Microsoft Teams (inc. how to use these features):
    • Live Closed Captioning; Meeting Options; Chat Options; Immersive Reader; Zoom In/Out; Colour Contrast/Modes; Keyboard Navigation (inc. hotkeys); and Enhanced Search


Neil Milliken

Neil Milliken is Global Head of Accessibility at Atos , an invited expert for the W3C Cognitive Accessibility Taskforce, member of the Atos Scientific Community & Atos Distinguished Expert. He is co-founder of AXSChat Europe’s largest Twitter chat with a focus on Accessibility & Inclusion.

Neil is a member of the Board of Directors for World Institute on Disability, a Non Exec at Genius Within & Chair of the Diversity Board for Institute of Coding. He was also named in the top ten of the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 list in 2018 and was named D&I practitioner of the year in the 2019 Disability Smart Awards.

Mark Wilcock

Mark Wilcock is an Accessibility Specialist at Atos, CPWA Certified, an ex-contributing member of the W3C WCAG Working Group for WCAG 2.1 and W3C Cognitive Accessibility Taskforce and an Atos Expert for Immersive Experiences.

He is the co-chair for the development of the Digital Accessibility Specialist Apprenticeship standard, the first global apprenticeship standard for Accessibility.

February 2021