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ADCET Webinar: Online learning for Deaf and hard of hearing students, learnings from COVID-19

COVID-19 led to a rapid transition to online learning at all levels of education. The challenges of providing accessible and inclusive learning were many. This presentation will discuss these challenges in relation to students who are Deaf or hard of hearing. It will explore the accessibility and inclusion strategies that have been successful across four platforms - Teams, Zoom, Echo360 and collaborate. 

If you are a disability practitioner, teacher (teacher of the Deaf, lecturer etc) or a student who is Deaf or hard of hearing then this webinar is for you.


Cathy Easte has worked with Griffith University since 2010 where she started as Disabilities Service Officer, Coordinator and now Manager, Student Disability and Accessibility. She has also worked for a number of Queensland TAFE colleges, private training organisations and disability services for well over 20 years prior. Cathy has been on committees for HEDN(Q), TEDCA, the very first ATEND, and is currently vice-president. She is actively involved in the Queensland QDLO network. She has extensive experience in support for students who study online / distance or externally (both at TAFE and University levels). Cathy has personal interests in assistive technologies, e-learning and how these can enrich the experiences of students with disabilities, and at times thrives on the creative challenges such technology will create. Training is Cathy’s other passion, wanting to increase the knowledge of academic staff, trainers and teachers to be able to meet the needs of their students without interaction from ‘others’. She actively works on ways to embed accessibility and inclusion principles into curriculums whenever she can. Cathy is deaf and was one of the first deaf persons to graduate as a Teacher of the Deaf in Griffith's Deaf Student Support program over 33 years ago.

Bobbie Blackson has worked at Griffith since 2006 as coordinator of Auslan Interpreter services and as a Senior Disability Advisor. She is also Chairman Emeritus at Deaf Services and a highly respected member of the Deaf community. Bobbie is a passionate Auslan user and teacher and seeks deeper understanding of her own language. Bobbie coordinates interpreting support for deaf students studying at Griffith and other South East Qld universities as well as TAFE colleges.

Gary Kerridge has been in the Disability sector for 30 years. He has spent 14 of those years as an NDCO. Recently he was part of the NDCO leadership team that responded to the transition to online learning brought about by COVID-19 that provided support and information to disability practitioners around Australia.