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Specific Learning Disability: For notetaking and listening

Sonocent audio notetaker

This software is an audio and visual tool that breaks up recorded audio of a class into manageable chunks. The student can revise the information by adding their own notes, related PDFs, webpages or other files to chunks of audio. By bringing together information into one place Audio Notetaker also assists in the organisation of information. The student has the opportunity to test their knowledge of information. 

    Livescribe Smartpen

    This digital pen synchronises audio recording with hand written notes. Playback of an audio recording is as simple as pressing the pen on the handwritten text. Smartpens need to be used with Livescribe dot paper books. 


      Audionote is similar technology to the smartpen however notes are typed or written using finger stroke on a tablet or laptop.

        The Livescribe Smartpen and Audionote do not require students to write a large amount of notes. A list of keywords or phrases as they are presented in class is all that is required. They can also be used to record group assignment meetings or one-to-one feedback from teachers. In some instances this technology offers an alternative to having a notetaker in class.