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Access Plan

An access plan (e.g. Learning Access Plan or Integration Plan) provides details of the specialist services, study and assessment accommodations provided to the student with disability and/or health condition.

There is no consistent approach on how access plans are developed, approved and/or distributed. However, there are a number of key principles that should underpin the process:

  • The access plan is developed in consultation with the student using the health practitioner report as a guide.
  • Students should be provided with frequent opportunities to discuss both the likely impact of disability on their studies and the recommended accommodations/adjustments.
  • Documentation is sought only when needed.
  • Verification processes are equitable.
  • Student privacy is protected.
  • Relevant information is subsequently disseminated (with student permission) to staff who need it, to ensure students are not required to repeat the verification process

Other considerations

There are often cost implications for students who require an assessment or reassessment, especially assessments for a learning disability. This is something you may need to discuss with the student.

To reduce the range of required notifications and some associated costs for students, institutions can broaden the scope of general services offered to all students to include elements previously considered specialist. For example, the prompt upload of lecture notes to the internet may remove the need for notetakers.

University access plan websites

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