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Resources to promote your services to students

Promoting your services to students as well as giving them options for self-exploration empowers students with disability. The Students Thriving project in conjunction with the National Disability Coordination Program has developed collateral you can use in your organisation to raise awareness of support services.

As Disability Practitioners you can draw on these resources to highlight the services available within your organisation (available for both university and TAFE). All posters and videos are downloadable for promotion and display within your organisation and QR codes link to ADCET for additional information including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that students with disability have about studying.

Project assets


Below are three examples of the posters available

1st poster reads, 'Are you a student with accessibility needs? Keep your studies on track with the right support". 2nd poster reads "Uni life can be complex. If you have a mental health condition, disability or medical condition, find out how your uni accessibility service can support you. 3rd poster reads, The right support can be a game changer.

Download the full suite of posters for the Students Thriving Project: To Tertiary and Beyond 


Transcripts - Students Thriving Videos

About the Students Thriving Project

Students Thriving, to Tertiary and Beyond is a student led and co-designed project that sprouted from a nationwide forum facilitated in late 2020 by the Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET). The forum, which sought to explore the key factors that enabled some students to thrive through the impact of COVID-19 on their tertiary education experience, also revealed a lack of awareness of existing support services and information. It also found that students who knew of such services, and utilised them, managed their studies with far less struggle, and hardship. Indeed, such students thrived where others felt isolated, anxious, and disadvantaged by the rapid changes to their learning journey. 

Seeking to create possibilities for thriving in all students, beyond the impact of the pandemic, the National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program teamed with students to create a project group who would further explore ‘the most important things students need to know’, and ‘the ways to give this knowledge to students’.   

This project aims to create improved linkages between students and their tertiary education providers by promoting engagement with the support that is available, as well as deepen students’ knowledge of their rights to participate equitably in all aspects of tertiary education. Additionally, the co-designed posters and film clips, which were inspired by the students’ own experiences, draw attention to the very useful resources for students with disability that are available on the ADCET website. 

The students who co-designed these posters and short film clips especially hope that tertiary education providers promote them to their student and staff communities, at key stages throughout the student journey, as well as regularly throughout the academic year, to help address the challenges that Students Thriving, to Tertiary and Beyond seeks to address. 

The project team thank the students for their leadership and insights, without which this project would not have been so richly informed by lived experience. We also acknowledge the valuable contributions of the students who through our focus groups provided additional input and critical feedback. We appreciate the candour with which you approached these robust discussions.