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  • News item

    Changes to the Higher Education Disability Support Program

    The Australian Government Department of Education recently made changes to the Other Grants Guidelines (Education) 2012 and the amended guidelines are now available on the Federal Register of Legislation.

    The Guidelines have been amended to reform the Higher Education Disability Support Program (DSP) from calendar year 2020. The changes to the DSP are a continuation of earlier work undertaken, including an evaluation of the program in 2014 and consultation with the sector during 2016.

  • News item

    Education Alliance Queensland (EAQ)

    Enhancing Transitions for Students with Disability

    Do you work in the education, tertiary or training sectors? Have you registered to be part of Education Alliance Queensland (EAQ)?

    EAQ is an Alliance of the education, tertiary and training sectors and it has been created to assist you and your colleagues enhance transitions for students with disability from school to tertiary education and training through professional development, networking and greater collaboration. 

  • News item

    ADCET Newsletter - November 2019

    Latest news, events, weblinks and articles.

  • News item

    ADCET Newsletter - October # 2 2019

    Latest news, events, weblinks and articles.

  • News item

    Full year data released: 2018 Student data

    The Selected Higher Education Statistics – 2018 Student data - full year data has been released.
    The Higher Education student data collection encompasses enrolments, equivalent full time student load (unit of study data) and completions, and is reported by all Higher Education Providers.

  • News item

    Year 12 student Connor is blind. This is how he will sit his HSC

    While most students will take a few pens, a bottle of water and a calculator into their HSC exams alongside their peers, Arndell Anglican College student Connor McLeod has a different set-up.

    "I tend to use about three desks to myself," the year 12 student said. 

    Connor McLeod is a trailblazer for the visually impaired, completing French and maths exams.

    Connor is blind and sits alone with a supervisor in a private room. He has a braille booklet containing questions, a laptop, headphones and his BrailleSense Polaris device – a tablet that functions as a calculator for maths and business studies and as a translator for French.

  • News item

    The crucial role universities play in better lives for the disabled

    Australia’s disability discrimination commissioner. Dr Ben Gauntlett says university inclusion and diversity is an area of personal interest. He has started visiting universities to encourage a more thoughtful approach. And, while he says the path to education for people with disability is far from barrier-free, he’s encouraged by the work being done.

  • News item

    Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2018

    The 2018 summary results from the 2018 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) conducted throughout Australia during the period July 2018 to March 2019 have been released.

  • News item

    ADCET Newsletter - October 2019

    Latest news, events, weblinks and articles.

  • News item

    Dyslexie Font on ADCET

    October is Dyslexia Awareness month and over the next four weeks ADCET will be using the Dyslexie font as the default font on the website. From November onwards, website visitors will then have the option to choose between the normal font and the Dyslexie font - font options can be found in the top right-hand side of the website.

    Christian Boer, the creator of Dyslexie font, has been affected by dyslexia for as long as he can remember. His experience inspired him to design a solution to improve readability for people with dyslexia. Christian combined his graphic design skills with his dyslexia, abandoning traditional typeface design rules, favouring instead the user needs of a dyslexic person. The result? The Dyslexie font.