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  • Video

    ADCET Webinar: Supporting students’ well-being during COVID-19

    This ADCET webinar was in partnership with the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE).   We were joined by presenters Cathy Stone and Nicole Crawford. This webinar discusses preliminary findings from research into supporting the mental wellbeing of mature-aged students in regional and remote Australia, through ensuring that, in this time of physical distancing, online learning is delivered in ways that enhance student engagement and student wellbeing. (April 2020)

    Download: Transcript
  • Web link

    ADCET Podcasts

    The official podcast for the Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET). Each podcast will feature a special guest from the post-secondary education and training sector. 

  • Web link

    Making online learning accessible for deaf students - US

    As a result of COVID-19, more schools are closing and students are continuing their studies online at home. What does that mean for deaf and hard of hearing students? This article about online learning for deaf students is meant to provide tips and suggestions to ensure your child or student’s education continues seamlessly during this time.

  • Video

    ADCET Webinar: World Autism Acceptance Day - student panel

    During this webinar we heard from university students on the autism spectrum, where they answered a number of key questions, including: What are some of the challenges students face in their studies?; What helps a student succeed in their studies?; What support or assistance does the student's university provide? and, What advice would a student give to others on the autism spectrum who are considering studying at university? (April 2020)

    Download: Transcript
  • Video

    ADCET Webinar: Three essentials in the move on-line

    This ADCET webinar was in partnership with the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE).   We were joined by presenters Cathy Stone and Nicole Crawford.  In these unfamiliar times, universities are suddenly needing to move face-to-face courses online. We have previously written that this can be a tall order, even for experienced educators. However, including the ‘three essentials’ that this webinar outlines means that even a hastily-developed online course can still deliver an effective and engaging learning experience for students. (April 2020)

    Download: Transcript
  • Article

    Staying ‘present’ when teaching from a distance (NCSEHE)

    Based on lots of great ideas from a wide range of experienced online teachers this article lists a few tips to help establish your online presence with your students. March 2020. NCSEHE Adjunct Fellow Dr Cathy Stone, The University of Newcastle.

  • Article

    Thinking about the students: Three essentials in the move on-line

    As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Australia, universities are racing to convert face-to-face subjects into formats that can be delivered on-line. Staff who already design and teach on-line know full well that “putting a course online” is nowhere as easy as it sounds and can be fraught with problems when done in haste. The generous sharing of good advice from sector experts has been a boon in these turbo-charged endeavours. Technology enhanced learning (TEL) professionals have also formed their own on-line support communities. (March 2020. Campus Morning Mail. Dr Cathy Stone and Dr Nicole Crawford)

  • Web link

    QILT Quality Indicators for Leaning and Teaching - Graduate Satisfaction

    Information on the ComparED website about graduate satisfaction is sourced from the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework level graduates.

    The CEQ is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment, and since 2016 has been administered annually by the Social Research Centre. It is completed by graduates in conjunction with the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS).

    The CEQ is completed by graduates of Australian higher education institutions approximately four months after completion of their courses. The surveys provide information about the quality of education provided at Australian institutions, by asking graduates to what extent they agree with a series of statements about their study experiences.

  • Web link

    Making your classroom safer and more inclusive for LGBTIQ students

    This guide was produced by La Trobe University for it's online professional development module ‘How Inclusive is my Subject?’ (HIIMS) and contains a good overview as well as links to further resources.

  • Article

    Disability Awareness - Supporting Students in VET - postcard

    Print ready version of the Disability Awareness - Supporting Students in VET Postcard.