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  • Video

    ADCET Webinar: Transition to Higher Education for Autistic Students

    ADCET was joined by Alison Nuske for this webinar.  This presentation provided a summary of the systematic review conducted by Alison and her supervisors into the experiences of autistic students, and family members of autistic students, during the transition to the first year in higher education. Alison also provided an overview of her current PhD study exploring the transition experiences for autistic students in Australia.  (April 2020)

    Download: Transcript
  • Video

    ADCET Webinar: World Autism Acceptance Day - student panel

    During this webinar we heard from university students on the autism spectrum, where they answered a number of key questions, including: What are some of the challenges students face in their studies?; What helps a student succeed in their studies?; What support or assistance does the student's university provide? and, What advice would a student give to others on the autism spectrum who are considering studying at university? (April 2020)

    Download: Transcript
  • Video

    ADCET Webinar: Three essentials in the move on-line

    This ADCET webinar was in partnership with the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE).   We were joined by presenters Cathy Stone and Nicole Crawford.  In these unfamiliar times, universities are suddenly needing to move face-to-face courses online. We have previously written that this can be a tall order, even for experienced educators. However, including the ‘three essentials’ that this webinar outlines means that even a hastily-developed online course can still deliver an effective and engaging learning experience for students. (April 2020)

    Download: Transcript
  • Article

    Thinking about the students: Three essentials in the move on-line

    As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Australia, universities are racing to convert face-to-face subjects into formats that can be delivered on-line. Staff who already design and teach on-line know full well that “putting a course online” is nowhere as easy as it sounds and can be fraught with problems when done in haste. The generous sharing of good advice from sector experts has been a boon in these turbo-charged endeavours. Technology enhanced learning (TEL) professionals have also formed their own on-line support communities. (March 2020. Campus Morning Mail. Dr Cathy Stone and Dr Nicole Crawford)

  • Article

    VET student outcomes 2019

    The NCVER VET student outcomes 2019 presents information on the outcomes of students who completed their vocational education and training (VET) in Australia during 2018. The figures are derived from the National Student Outcomes Survey, which is an annual survey of students who were awarded a qualification (graduates), or who completed at least one subject and left the VET system without obtaining a qualification (subject completers). Summary information is presented on students’ reason for training, employment outcomes, satisfaction with training and further study outcomes. Data on the main reason for not continuing with the training are available for subject completer

  • Article

    Standing Up For Your Rights: Tertiary Education

    This guide from Vision Australia guide includes an overview of relevant Federal legislation that protects your right to participation in education, how and who you can approach for assistance, and the most effective ways to promote your rights.

  • Article

    Conference Accessibility Guidelines

    Comprehensive guidelines for making meetings and conferences more accessible. 

  • Web link

    National Deaf Center on Post-secondary Outcomes - US

    The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) supports postsecondary success for deaf people.

  • Article

    Briefing Note: Equity student participation in Australian higher education 2013–2018

    This NCSEHE briefing note reports on domestic undergraduate equity student participation in Australian higher education from 2013 to 2018. It focuses on trends among domestic undergraduate enrolments in Table A Provider institutions in identified equity groups: Low socioeconomic status (Low SES) students; Students with Disability 
    Indigenous students; Women in Non-Traditional Areas (WINTA) students; Regional students; Remote students; and, Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) students, also referred to as ‘Culturally and Linguistically Diverse’ (CALD) students

    All student data reported or derived for the purposes of this document are sourced from the Australian Government Department of Education (Australian Government Department of Education, 2019).

  • Article

    Access, quality and wellbeing in engineering WIL placements: Implications for equity and diversity

    This study funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) examines student engineers’ experiences in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements. The study provides insights into how to guide improvements in engineering WIL practice, particularly in relation to access, quality and wellbeing for students in equity groups.(Natalie Lloyd (University of Technology Sydney), Megan Paull (Murdoch University), Teena Clerke (University of Technology Sydney) and Sally Male (The University of Western Australia - December 2019)

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