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  • Article

    Supporting Nursing and Midwifery Students with a Disability in Clinical Practice

    The University College of Dublin’s handbook is a resource guide for Clinical and Academic staff in supporting Nursing and Midwifery Students with a Disability in Clinical Practice. It outlines useful information on, disclosure, useful resources, the student’s journey to clinical practice and types of disabilities and their reasonable adjustments. It provides a guide to the provision of appropriate learning supports for nursing and midwifery students with a disability so that they have the opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes and maximise their performance in clinical practice. (Howlin, F. & Halligan, P. (Eds.) (2011)).

  • Article

    Supporting disabled students in practice: a tripartite approach

    This article describes the co-development of a six-phase tripartite model that provides a supportive framework for disabled student nurses in the practice environment. A brief overview of the literature will be given and a single case study will be used to demonstrate the model in action. Finally, the process by which a critical knowledge base, on which decisions around reasonable adjustment can be made is discussed. (Griffiths, L, Worth, P., Scullard, Z., & Gilbert, D. (2010)  10(3): 132-137)

  • Web link

    The Society of Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities - US

    The Society of Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities provides resources and support for disabled physicians, physician assistants, and students. The mission of the Society is to foster a supportive community and to provide resources and tools for disabled healthcare professionals and students, their family members, and their friends. The Society of Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities includes: Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Other health care professionals.

  • Article

    Universal Design for Learning to support nursing students: Experiences in the Field - Ireland

    Higher education institutions have an increasingly diverse student population and in response have developed a range of services to support students (HEFCE 2015). Therefore, there is increased pressure to embed most support within the general university provision. As a consequence, there is a resurgence of interest in the application of universal design principles in higher education to meet the needs of individual students (AHEAD 2017). As limited international literature is available about the use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in nurse education; this paper will explore the application of these principles to support nursing students who have additional needs, in particular, in the practice setting. (2019)

  • Video

    Video: What's disability to me? Rachael's story

    In this film, Rachael, a woman with restricted growth who originates from the north-east of England, talks about the barriers she had to overcome to gain access to training and employment as a nurse.

  • News item

    Vocational Student of the Year - Victoria

    The 2018 Victorian Vocational Student of the year is Elise Stewart.  Elise demonstrates that having a disability shouldn’t prevent anyone from achieving their goals. Initially Elise was told she couldn’t become a nurse because she is profoundly deaf and could put patients at risk.

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