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  • Article

    Pathways 8 - The impact of mental health disabilities on field education in a University setting

    PowerPoint. The impact of mental health disabilities on field education in a University setting: contemporary issues and future directions – N. Kenney.

  • Article

    Pathways 9: Personal Account of Mental Illness

    Pathways 9 2008. Lois Roberts

    Barriers Hindering Successful Integration Into Tertiary Education : A Personal Experience

    Download: Article
  • Article

    Postgraduate researchers: mental health and wellbeing report - UK

    This report presents the findings of a research project that looks at how to improve the understanding of the wellbeing and mental health of postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and associated institutional support in the UK.  The report recommends a range of interventions for Research England (as a Council within UK Research and Innovation), and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to ensure a healthy and supportive research environment for all postgraduate researchers.

  • Web link

    SANE - Mental Health Support in the United Kingdom - UK

    SANE is a registered charity which carries out research into severe mental illness as well as providing support and giving practical information, crisis care and emotional support to people affected by mental illness, their families and carers, professionals and the general public.

  • Web link

    Shyness and Social Anxiety Assist

    Shyness & Social Anxiety Treatment Australia provides information about: social anxiety, the treatment options, psychologists around Australia who treat social anxiety, group therapy & workshops, support groups, articles, resources and links to other sites.

  • Article

    Student Mental Health and Wellbeing in Higher Education A practical guide - UK

    This book offers pragmatic guidance to support academic and student services staff in engaging with this critical issue, both in terms of being proactive within their role to promote a positive approach to wellbeing, and understanding how to care appropriately for students who may not be flourishing in the university environment. 
    Key topics include: The pressure points and transitions of student life; The crucial role of departmental and academic staff; How to make mental health policies work; The legal obligations and limits of student support; and, Creating the conditions for confident support. (2019)

  • Article

    Student mental wellbeing in higher education: good practice guide - UK

    This UK guide for the teaching and support of students experiencing mental health difficulties draws on evidence and practice from within the higher education sector and reports from government and the health and voluntary sectors. It is aimed at senior leaders and managers, to support institutions in their promotion of mental wellbeing and in the support they provide for students experiencing mental health difficulties.

  • Video

    Students’ Stories – The Same, But Different (Ireland)

    This short documentary focuses on students with disability in College navigating college life – from finding lecture theatres, to learning to live independently, to fitting in with a new group of friends.

  • Article

    The uni virtual clinic: changing the way mental health care is provided to young people at university

    This research looks into the uni virtual clinic (UVC), which is a comprehensive online service developed in partnership between the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University (ANU) and the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre that has been designed to prevent and treat mental health problems and related issues in university students. It is anonymous, free to the end-user, tailored, and incorporates evidence-based treatments and information.

  • Article

    The wicked problem of university student mental health

    The wicked problem of university student mental health is a report by Benjamin Veness that pertains to the Monash University Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative prevention and early intervention strategies to improve the mental health of university students.  The study included travel principally to the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom, with brief visits also to China and Singapore. Its scope included visiting both universities and external mental health agencies with an interest in, or expertise relevant to, university students’ mental health.