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  • Web link

    Scientific Notebook Version 6

    Creating attractive documents that contain text, mathematics, and graphics is seamless and easy with Scientific Notebook Version 6. Although simple to use, Scientific Notebook 6 is a powerful mathematical word processing system that facilitates teaching, learning, exploring, and communicating mathematics.Scientific Notebook 6 gives you a choice of operating systems: Windows® or OS X®. With its entirely new Mozilla-based architecture, Scientific Notebook 6 provides more flexibility: you can save or export your documents in multiple formats according to your portability needs. Scientific Notebook 6 automatically saves your documents as XML files.

  • Web link

    Screen reader: ChromeVox

    ChromeVox is a screen reader for Chrome which brings the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome to visually impaired users. Also, it now supports the reading of mathematical content found on the web. In particular it supports the smart verbal presentation and exploration of content that is either given in MathML or rendered with MathJaX.

  • Article

    Supporting STEM students with dyslexia - UK

    The Institute Of Physics has produced Supporting STEM students with dyslexia, to enable all those in STEM Higher Education to understand better the impact of dyslexia in the STEM learning environment. The guide contains good practice examples and case studies to help those teaching STEM subjects to make simple adjustments to their practice, benefiting all students and not just those with dyslexia.

  • Web link

    Teaching Mathematics to students with vision impairments - US

    This US based website provides comprehensive information about teaching mathematics to students with vision impairments.

  • Web link

    Vision Australia: Comparing Scientific Calculators

    Vision Australia has undertaken a comparison of talking scientific calculators showing the features and functions available for each. 

  • Web link

    Vision Impairment: Draftsman - tactile drawing board

    Versatile tactile drawing board that is used in combination with special film and a stylus to create instant raised-line drawings. The drawing board is intended for a wide audience, such as visually impaired students, teachers, parents, and adults. It can be used for producing simple raised-line graphics, demonstrating math concepts and tasks, demonstrating science concepts, practicing handwriting skills, playing games (e.g., tic-tac-toe), facilitating tracing activities or creating art drawings.

  • Video

    Webinar: Making maths and STEM digital in the post-secondary education sector

    ADCET and the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND) presented this webinar in June 2018. Greg O'Connor from texthelp introduced EquatIO. EquatIO a new tool for making digital maths and STEM simpler for students and teachers to create mathematical equations, formulas, graphs and more on their computer, or via a mobile device, tablet or Chromebook.

  • Video

    Webinar: Making maths/STEM digital and accessible with EquatIO

    ADCET presented this webinar in May 2019. Fiona Thomas from Texthelp  focussed on how EquatIO can provide students and staff a truly digital maths alternative.  EquatIO supports the creating and consuming of complex maths by providing alternative input methods for all 

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