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  • Web link

    E2E (Education to Employment) Toolkit

    The Education to Employment Toolkit is designed for graduates with disability as well as employment and career services assisting finishing students and recent graduates with disability of Vocational Education & Training or Higher Education courses.

  • Web link

    Education to Employment Resource (NSW)

    The 'Education to Employment Package' website is about the changes that can be readily made by students, graduates, employers and those services supporting them to bring about better outcomes and ensure that graduates and employers alike get every opportunity to enjoy the best that graduates with disability are able to achieve.

  • Article

    Employability Skills (NDCO SA)

    Skills that employers identified as important, noting that the mix and priority of these facets would vary from job to job. Skills include; Communication; Teamwork; Planning and Organising; Self management; Learning; and, Personal attributes.

    Download: Article
  • Web link

    Employers Guide to Partnering with Disability Employment Services

    The Employers Guide to Partnering with Disability Employment Services was developed in response to requests by Australian employers for a better alignment of Disability Employment Services (DES) with the employer recruitment processes of organisations. The online module is a tool to actively support DES providers to develop sustainable relationships with employers, and to achieve job outcomes.

  • Web link

    Employment Services Assessments

    An Employment Services Assessment helps work out the type of employment service or other assistance that can best help you to prepare for, find and maintain work. This information will help us work out the most suitable support for you. A Job Capacity Assessment will determine the impact of your medical conditions and disabilities on your ability to work and whether you would benefit from employment assistance. A Job Capacity Assessment is used to help determine your medical eligibility for DSP.

  • Web link

    Enabled Employment

    Enabled Employment is a labour hire company for people with a disability. Enabled Employment is unique in Australia and possibly the world with its approach of using flexible arrangements to enable highly capable people with a disability to find productive and well-paid employment. Enabled Employment makes it easy for businesses to fill skill gaps.

  • News item

    GradAccess: Australian Public Service graduate programs for people with disability

    GradAccess is a new centralised recruitment stream into Australian Public Service (APS) graduate programs for people with disability. GradAccess gives graduates with disability the opportunity to gain an ongoing graduate role in one of 11 different APS agencies through a single recruitment process. GradAccess reduces the barriers that people with disability may face when having to complete many individual applications for multiple graduate programs by providing a centralised safe, flexible, and supported entry point into the APS.  Applications for the 2019 graduate programs will open on 28 May 2018 and close 1 July 2018.

  • Web link

    Graduate Opportunities

    Graduate Opportunities is a publication for new graduates in Australia. It is a reference tool for final-year students and graduates on the cusp of their careers, as well as mid-degree students seeking undergraduate work experience.

  • Web link

    Inherent requirements of a job: legal finding

    Melvin v Northside Community Service Inc (1996) EOC - Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

  • Web link

    Job Outlook

    Job Outlook is a careers and labour market research information site to help you decide on your future career.