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    Career Expo - Information in video format

    The top questions young people ask providers in higher education, training, apprenticeships and work in short video format. Developed by NDCO Region 20 & 22 (Northern and Southern, QLD)

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    Centrelink is part of the Department of Human Services. They deliver social security payments and services to Australians. This link is the entry point for information about Centrelink programs and services including those available online. 

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    Choosing Your Path. Disclosure: It's a Personal Decision

    This resource addresses challenges for people with disabilities, employers and educators relating to disclosure of disability. The website provides substantial information about options and pathways that people with disabilities can use in disclosing their disability in post secondary education and employment environments.

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    Connect50 - internship program for regional Victoria

    Connect50 is an internship scheme in regional Victoria that matches talented university and TAFE students with disability with paid roles in local businesses. For students, it’s a chance to gain vital work experience during study. For employers, it’s a talent pipeline that helps cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

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    Connecting the Dots: A successful transition for deaf students from VET to employment

    Connecting the Dots: A successful transition for deaf students from vocational education and training to employment (2007). Research involved interviews with seven young people from Victoria who had either just completed secondary school and were enrolling in a VET course, or had completed a course and were looking for work.

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    DSS: Employment for people with disability

    The Australian Government is committed to ensuring people with disability receive opportunities to reach their potential through participating in the community and the workforce.

    There are two types of specialist agencies to help people with disability find and maintain work: 

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    Disability Employment Australia

    Disability Employment Australia (formerly ACE National Network) is the peak industry body for Australia's Disability Employment Services (DES). Disability Employment Australia exists to represent the interests of our members at a national level to government and other stakeholders. We have a range of functions designed to support our members to achieve best practice service provision in their role to find employment outcomes for people with disability.

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    Disability Employment Services (DES)

    DES (Disability Employment Services) (formerly Disability Employment Network - DEN) provides job seekers with disability, injury or health condition. DES has two parts: Disability Management Service is for job seekers with disability, injury or health condition who need assistance to find a job and occasional support to keep a job, and, Employment Support Service provides assistance to people with permanent disability and who need regular, ongoing support to keep a job.

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    Disability Employment Toolkit

    The Victorian Public Sector Commission's (VPSC) Disability Employment toolkit includes access and inclusion information and online resources for everyone: Public Sector Leaders; Human Resources and Hiring Managers; Managers; Employees with disability; and, Job seekers with disability. 

    The toolkit will support:The creation of safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces that are free from discrimination; The implementation of inclusive attraction, recruitment, retention and progression strategies; and, Support for prospective and existing employees and their managers.

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    Disability Services Australia

    Disability Services Australia (DSA) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides essential community support, employment and training services to enhance the lives of people with a disability each year. DSA is an integral part of more than 50 communities and employs more than 1100 people.