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    Assistive Technology: GTCalc Graphing Talking Calculator Software

    GTCalc has four levels of magnification and the ability to zoom in and out and turn speech on and off.
    GTCalc has the following modes: Calculate, Rational, Finance, Functions, Graph, Set Axes and Set Colour Scheme.

    With GT Calc you also have the ability to set the colour scheme to High Contrast White or High Contrast Black, and also set the color of the Desktop, Windows and Text for all screens other than the Graph screen.
    GTCalc also comes with an on-screen Help function.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: Humanware

    Humanware is focused on enhancing the lives of people with visual and learning disabilities, they provide intuitive, intelligent solutions that enable their customers to participate effectively in today's information intensive and highly mobile society. Products available include: BrailleNote, Victor Reader Stream, ReadIt Air, ZoomText, Prodigi Electronic Magnifier and Brailliant.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: Keystroke Commands

    Information on Windows keystroke commands.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: Kurzweil 1000

    Kurzweil 1000 is an advanced reading tool for people who are blind or severely visually impaired.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: LiveScribe Smartpen

    The Pulse Smartpen from LiveScribe is a computer within a pen that captures handwriting and simultaneously records audio and synchronises it to the writing. Users can simply tap on their notes to replay what was recorded from the exact moment they were writing, so they never miss a word they hear, write, or speak.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: Maltron Keyboards

    These fully ergonomic Maltron keyboards are two handed, left and right single handed, one for head or mouth stick or single finger use and an expanded keyboard with recessed keys for helping in cases of spasticity.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: MathsTrax

    This graphing tool provides a text description as well as tonal information (e.g. the higher the point in a bell curve the higher the tone) about graphs. It allows students to graph equations as well as other scientific information. Whilst it is described as relevant to students studying maths and science in 6th to 12th grade it may also be relevant for some course content within Higher Education.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: Plextalk

    The PLEXTALK Pocket DAISY Player and Recorder can read books, play music, keep memos, or record lectures.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: Quantum Reading Learning Vision

    Quantum Reading Learning Vision manufactures and distributes products for people who are blind or vision impaired. Web Access Software such as ConnectOutloud. Magnification Software such as MAGic. Scanning & Reading OCR Software such as OPENBook Learning Systems Software such as WYNN and Test Talker Portable Data Assistants like PAC Mate Braille Note Takers, Embossers & Displays like Braille'n Speak, Braille Lite, Type'n speak and Type Lite.

  • Web link

    Assistive Technology: Techmatrix

    Techmatrix helps find education and assistive technology products for students with disability.