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  • Article

    Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability - JPED (2018) - (US)

    Issue 1

    • The Breadth and Depth of Disability-Related Literature:  From the Editor
    • The Impact of Transition Services in Facilitating College Degree for Students with Visual Impairments: Post-Bachelor’s Degree Perspectives
    • A Descriptive Review of ADHD Coaching Research: Implications for College Students
    • Investigating the Outcomes and Perceptions of an Inclusive Aquatic Exercise Class for University Students with Physical Disabilities
    • Perspectives of North American Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities: A Scoping Review
    • Applying Salutogenesis to the Experiences of Students with Disabilities in the Netherlands
    • An Innovative Postsecondary Education Program for Students with Disabilities in STEM (Practice Brief)

    Issue 2

    • Student Learning Outcomes for Disability Services: What Evidence do you Have? From the Editor
    • Use of Student Learning Outcomes in Postsecondary Disability Offices
    • Emerging Adults: Perspectives of College Students with Disabilities
    • A Qualitative Investigation of Bullying of Individuals with Disabilities on a College Campus
    • Transitional Challenges for Students with Disabilities During a Period of Systemic Imbalance
    • Predictors and Trajectories of Educational Functioning in College Students With and Without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

    Issue 3

    • Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Postsecondary Education: From the Editor
    • The Use of a Coaching Model to Support the Academic Success  and Social Inclusion of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Community and Technical College Settings
    • Exploring Barriers for Facilitating Work Experience Opportunities for Students with Intellectual Disabilities Enrolled in Postsecondary Education Programs
    • Inclusive Community Service Among College Students With and Without Intellectual Disability: A Physical Activity in Inclusive Postsecondary Education for Students With Intellectual Disability
    • Promoting Employee Handbook Comprehension for Postsecondary Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders
    •  “Letting Go:” Parent Perspectives on the Outcomes of an Inclusive Postsecondary Education Experience for Students with Developmental Disabilities
    •  It’s Okay to Teach People with an Intellectual Disability About Their Disability (Practice Brief)
    • A Financial Literacy Course for Postsecondary Students with Intellectual Disabilities (Practice Brief)

    Issue 4

    • A Tribute to the Commitment to Disability Studies Academic Literature: From the Editor
    • Development of a First Year Success Seminar for College Students with Disabilities
    • Sexual Coercion Experiences Among Canadian University Students with Disabilities
    • University Students with Disabilities: Factors that Contribute to Their Self-Predicted Likelihood of Graduation
    • Do Multimedia Instructional Designs Enhance Comprehension in College Students with Dyslexia?
    • Social Group Membership and Risk-Taking Behaviors Among College Students with ADHD Symptoms
    • Disability in Postsecondary STEM Learning Environments: What Faculty Focus Groups Reveal About Definitions and Obstacles to Effective Support
    • Promoting Inclusive Teaching Among College Faculty: A Framework for Disability Service Providers (Practice Brief)
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    Multiple Sclerosis Australia

    Multiple Sclerosis Australia makes a commitment to: Enhance the quality of life of people with MS and reduce the impact of MS on the families and carers of those with multiple sclerosis. Maintain and increase its role as a leading not-for-profit organisation and a preferred charity in Australia for community and corporate support.

  • Article

    NDIS Pre-planning Toolkit for people with a Physical Disability entering Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training

    This NDIS Pre-planning Toolkit is for people with a Physical Disability  entering Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training. Your disability may mean you require extra support to complete your chosen course to ensure your participation is on the same basis as other students. This booklet will help you identify what supports you may need, who is responsible for providing them and how you can access them. (Published 2018)

  • Article

    Nurses on Wheels

    In the US, despite facing many of the same barriers, stereotypes and blatant discrimination that wheelchair-using doctors encounter, a growing army of nurses on wheels is fighting the system and advocating for changes that will benefit everyone, with and without disability. (Original source: New Mobility Magazine. written by Tim Gilmer. April 2019)

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    One handed typing programs

    For one hand typists and those who want to touch type with one hand on a normal keyboard.

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    ParaQuad NSW Scholarship

    The ParaQuad NSW Scholarships are for students in NSW /ACT who have a spinal cord injury, and they provide assistance for education at an accredited institution. To be eligible for the ParaQuad NSW scholarships, applicants must: be an Australian citizen and a resident of NSW; • have a spinal cord injury; have a high level academic record; demonstrate motivation and perseverance to achieve goals. Closing date is around February annually.

  • Article

    Pathways 13: Inherent requirements: working towards graduating a student with quadriplegia from the Doctor of Medicine

    Ms Sharon Garside, Dr Liz Fitzmaurice and Mr Dinesh Palipana, Griffith University.

    (Day 2, Session 8)

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    Physical Disability Australia

    The role of Physical Disability Australia (formerly Physical Disability Council of Australia - PDCA) is to inform all levels of Government, the business sector and the Australian community of the needs of people with a physical disability and to lobby for change as necessary.

  • Article

    Physical disability issues in the physical sciences - UK

    This UK resource developed by the Higher Education Academy provides a condensed discussion on physical disability issues and topics related to teaching and learning in the physical sciences. 

  • Web link

    Spectronics: Physical Disabilities (Assistive Options)

    People with significant physical disabilities often experience difficulty operating their computer using a standard mouse and keyboard. This outlines the types of hardware and software technologies useful for people with physical disabilities.