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    Australian Dyslexia Association Inc (ADA)

    Australian Dyslexia Association Inc. (ADA) is a professional Association founded by teachers in the field. The ADA does not support or endorse any one method or program but supports direct, explicit and systematic teaching approaches for individuals with dyslexia (LD/SLD).

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    British Dyslexia Association

    The British Dyslexia Association New Technologies Committee have been concerned with all aspects of technology and how they can assist dyslexic people for many years. The BDA New Technologies committee have developed a comprehensive site providing information and access to a range of technological solutions for people with dyslexia.

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    Davis Dyslexia Association International - Dyslexia: The Gift

    Web site exploring the positive talents that give rise to dyslexia, and sharing knowledge about the best ways for dyslexic people to learn, including: - Information and training methods - Listings of Davis Dyslexia Correction providers throughout the world - A forum for networking and sharing information - Articles and reports exploring different learning styles and educational approaches.

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    Dear Dyslexic

    The Dear Dyslexic Foundation works to be the leading organisation in Australia that improves life outcomes for people 16 and over with dyslexia, their families and the broader community.  There goal is to:  reduce stigma and encourage those with dyslexia to seek help, through education and awareness; provide equitable access to evidence-based service, support, advice and advocacy; use and adapt to advances in technology; and, develop strong strategic partnerships and sound corporate governance.

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    Dear Dyslexic Podcasts

    The Dear Dyslexic Podcast series has guest speakers share their stories of successes, challenges and determination of those with dyslexia, those working, advocating and raising awareness of dyslexia and the impact it has on individuals, families and society.  Episodes for 2018 include -  Rufus Black is the Vice Chancellor and President at the University of Tasmania, Dr Grainne Cleary, Jamie Crabb, LJ Kidd and Anthony Gartner (Manager of Student Equity and AccessAbility Services at Swinburne

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    Information on dyscalculia (math learning disability) symptoms, diagnosis, effective and responsible teaching and much more.

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    Dyslexia Awareness: Microsoft course

    Microsoft and Made By Dyslexia have a shared mission to empower every person with dyslexia to reach their potential, and we have partnered to create tools to help make this happen.

    The objectives of the course are: To empower teachers and parents to understand dyslexia, both it’s strengths and challenges; To gain essential knowledge in how to recognize and support dyslexia; How to create a dyslexia-inclusive classroom; and, To know when and where to seek further help.

    The five modules cover: What is dyslexia?; Dyslexic thinking skills; Indicators of dyslexia; Dyslexia inclusive classroom; and, Importance of identification.

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    Dyslexia Resource Guide

    This resource aims to assist practitioners working in Disability Services within the tertiary sector who are responsible for planning and implementing reasonable adjustments for students with dyslexia, including assistive technology. The resource also provides a legislative framework, information about dyslexia and reasonable adjustments, case studies and further information and resources. The resource was developed by NDCO Program for Region 11 and 13 in partnership with IMVC and consultant Martin Kelly.

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    Dyslexia Video: Nathan's Story .

    Nathan's Story: Nathan is a male university student in his mid twenties who requires support with reading. He has access to a range of campus support services to assist with his study. This video is to raise awareness and increase understanding of some of the issues that impact on a student experience at Macquarie University.

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    Dyslexia and nurse education in the clinical setting

    "Understanding dyslexia and nurse education in the clinical setting" written by Jo Sanderson-Mann and Fiona McCandless is a paper that considers the issues surrounding nursing and dyslexia, drawing on the available evidence. October 2005.