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  • Event

    ADCET Webinar: The Inclusive Classroom

    ADCET is looking forward to bringing you this webinar presented by Troy Waller from Microsoft.  In this webinar participants will: see how Windows 10 and Office 365 can transform the educational experience and personalise learning; experience Learning Tools watch it improve reading comprehension and writing; learn how students can demonstrate their understanding using inputs other than keyboarding and text and be equipped with productivity and collaborative tools, and skills they will use throughout their lives; and, navigate these tools and tailor them to their students’ individual learning needs. 

    When: Wednesday,  12 June 2019. 1 - 2pm

  • Web link

    Culturally inclusive environment: University of the Sunshine Coast

    General Information about culturally inclusive environments relating to cultural diversity, inclusive practices, enhancing cultural inclusiveness and respectful relationships. 

  • Article

    Embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum: an art and design practitioner’s guide - UK

    This is a practical guide to issues of equality and diversity in the curriculum specifically related to the art, design and communication subject discipline. It considers relevant discipline specific theories and strategies and reflects on the challenges the sector still faces within this area. It also shares concrete examples of good practice through a series of short case studies that can support and inspire teachers. It is by no means a definitive guide and only provides some initial signposts, which can be built upon and disseminated more widely.

  • Web link

    Guides for Academics by Students with Disabilities

    This University of Melbourne guide has been developed for Academics and provides tips and advice that students with disability want teachers to know. Includes information on hearing impairment, mental illness, blindness, dyslexia, Multiple Sclerosis and Mobility Difficulties.

  • Article

    Implementing Inclusive Education. Commonwealth Handbook on Implementing Article 24 of UNCRPD

    A Commonwealth Guide to Implementing Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

  • Web link

    InCurriculum: An Inclusive Curriculum in Higher Education - UK

    The project aims to develop examples of an inclusive curriculum for higher education (HE), building on the expertise and practice set in place in the UK by the National AimHigher Project “AchieveAbility: breaking barriers to HE for SpLD (Specific Learning Differences) students”.

  • Article

    Inclusive Practice is Good Practice

    Inclusive Practice Is Good Practice aims to promote understanding of the needs of students with disabilities. It is a comprehensive resource package that provides concise reference information and guidelines for staff working in different education and training settings. (First published in 1993 as Reasonable Accommodations: Strategies for Teaching University Students with Disabilities. This is a second edition.)

    Download: Article
  • Article

    Inclusive Practices for university students with disabilities

    1999 Co-operative Project (NSW). A guide for academic staff to assist with inclusive practices for university students with a disability.

    Download: Article
  • Web link

    Inclusive practice resources for training (VET)

    Resources to assist RTOs to embed inclusive practice in training have been developed by the Department of Education, Training and Employment (QLD). The inclusive practice resources include overviews to build awareness of Inclusive learning: A way forward in registered training organisations; and training modules to develop understanding and encourage implementation of the principles and actions outlined in Inclusive learning: A way forward.

  • Article

    Intellectual Disability. Building Inclusive Campus Communities: A Framework for Inclusion - US

    This article provides a framework for inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities (ID) in higher education. It was developed by members of the Think College Special Interest Group Building Inclusive Campus Communities and collaborating partners from the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI). To support implementation of this inclusive higher education framework, a series of reflective questions are provided for practitioners and administrators that they can consider when designing new or evaluating existing postsecondary education (PSE) programs at institutions of higher education (IHE). (Melissa M. Jones, Molly Boyle, Cynthia P. May, Seb Prohn, Jean Updike, & Catie Wheeler)

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