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    Disability History Museum

    The Disability History Museum's Library is a digital archive that only exists online. It contains digital versions of images, texts and other artifacts related to disability history that have been gathered from libraries and private collections across the USA.

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    Disability Social History Project

    People with disabilities have an exciting and rich history that should be shared with the world. The Disability History Project is a US based community history project which is providing the opportunity for disabled people to tell the history of their struggles and triumphs. The site has an excellent bibliography and collection of links.

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    International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)

    The ICF puts the notions of 'health' and 'disability' in a new light. It acknowledges that every human being can experience a decrement in health and thereby experience some degree of disability. Disability is not something that only happens to a minority of humanity. The ICF thus 'mainstreams' the experience of disability and recognises it as a universal human experience. By shifting the focus from cause to impact it places all health conditions on an equal footing allowing them to be compared.

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    Link Magazine

    Link Magazine is a national magazine examining issues from a cross-disability perspective. Link strives to provide easily accessible disability information to assist individuals with a disability, their family and friends, professionals in the field and policy makers.

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    Understanding Asperger Syndrome: A Professor’s Guide

    This video focuses on educating professors, teaching assistants, and others on what it means to be a college student on the spectrum and how they might best be able to help them succeed.

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    Video: Ask an Autistic

    Amythest makes YouTube media clips on a range of Autism topics, they provide clear explanations of what it means to be on the Spectrum.