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    Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO)

    Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) is an open access evidence platform and service for public policy and practice. Operating since 2002, APO provides access to the latest research and policy insights. Featuring more than 40,000 digital resources, it covers a wide range of public policy issues from over 28,000 authors. 

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    Disability and Higher Education: The Australian Experience

    In November 2000 Mike Adams (Principal Co-ordinator of the HEFCE-funded National Disability Team) and Paul Brown (SHEFC National Co-ordinator for Students with Disabilities) undertook a study visit to Australia from the UK. This report of their visit primarily focus on the impact of disability discrimination legislation on Australian higher education policy and practice, recognising the similarities to current UK legislative proposals.

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    Federal Discrimination Law

    Federal Discrimination Law provides a comprehensive overview of case law in the federal unlawful discrimination jurisdiction. In addition to detailed analysis of discrimination law jurisprudence, the publication also covers issues of practical concern for litigants and practitioners, with chapters on procedural issues, damages and remedies, and costs. It is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in this very challenging area of the law.

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    Higher Education Funding Act (HEFA) 1988

    An Act relating to the funding of certain institutions of higher education and associated bodies, and for related purposes.

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    Higher Education Support Act 2003

    Australian Federal legislation. An Act relating to the funding of higher education, and for other purposes.

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    NSW: Office of Drug and Alcohol policy

    Druginfo is the official NSW government website on drug issues. It outlines government policies on drugs, including factsheets on illicit drugs, information on legal issues and information on the role of parents, families, and the broader community in reducing drug abuse.

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    National Mental Health Policy 2008

    The National Mental Health Policy 2008 represents a renewed commitment to the continual improvement of Australia's mental health system.

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    National Mental Health and Disability Employment Strategy

    The development of a national mental health and disability employment strategy (the Strategy) is a key part of the Government’s response to increasing employment opportunities for people with disability and/or mental illness who wish to work. (May 2008)

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    Pathways 9: Reframing Disability in Higher Education. Higher Education Disability Policy

    Pathways 9 2008. Reframing Disability in Higher Education . Matthew Brett and Lisa Kavanagh, University of Melbourne.

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    Podcast: UNSW Social Policy Debate - Disability and Creativity

    Speakers from various disciplines debated the question: 'If we focus on disability as difference rather than commonality, can it be creative?'  Moderator: Alastair McEwin, Disability Discrimination Commissioner, AHRC Speakers: Jax Jacki Brown, Disability and LGBTI activist; Professor Susan Dodds, UNSW; Rosemary Kayess, UNSW; Dr Dinesh Wadiwel, University of Sydney.

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