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    ADCET Webinar: How Ideamapper helps students of varying abilities plan, write and reference

    Callum Ferguson, the sales and marketing manager at Ideamapper will outline the unique innovative features of Ideamapper that helps address the cognitive challenges of note-taking, grasping complex learning concepts and constructing written assignments across all subject areas including STEM. Ideamapper uses mind mapping to help students manage information in a bitesize format, helping unlock ideas otherwise lost in a jumble of information. A vast array of templates and writing frames are included to help students get started with their essays and to more effectively manage the structure of their writing tasks. For the remainder of the 2020 academic year, ideamapper is offering free pilots to universities and TAFEs to allow all students to have access to an effective mindmapping technology during these challenging times of COVID-19. (July 2020)

    Download: Transcript
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    Ideamapper is a visual mind mapping tool. It combines next-gen mind mapping with word processing functionality, resulting in software that enhances creativity, productivity and information retention. It works because the brain can process visual clues much faster & easier than written ones.

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    Inspiration Mind mapping software

    This software can provide students and teachers with a visual way to create and think with mind maps. Students can easily begin an assignment by brainstorming and organising ideas, which they can then transform into a structured outline with just one click.

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    XMind Mind-mapping software

    XMind is a mind mapping software that offers a free version as well as a professional version. The free version of this software offers basic mind mapping functionality that may suit the needs of some students.

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    Mind Mapping and brainstorming software.