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Should I do a work-integrated learning placement?
Unpacking what to know if you’re a student with disability

Doing a placement while at university is often the highlight of a student’s experience, but it can also be incredibly stressful. If you are a student with disabilities you may be nervous about what the placement experience might be like, and/or unsure of what accommodations you can request. 

In this podcast Dr Mollie Dollinger sits down with Deakin student Daniella Prezioso to chat about what questions she has when considering the placement experience. Important questions such as ‘Do I have to disclose?’ and ‘Should I consider an online placement?’ are discussed. 

Please note that the conversation on the podcast is just a starting point for students. Please speak with your university disability centre for more university-specific guidance.


Below is the transcript for this podcast.

Download: Should I do a work-integrated learning placement Transcript