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Webinar: Making maths and STEM digital in the post-secondary education sector

ADCET and the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND) presented this webinar in June 2018. Greg O'Connor from texthelp introduced EquatIO. EquatIO a new tool for making digital maths and STEM simpler for students and teachers to create mathematical equations, formulas, graphs and more on their computer, or via a mobile device, tablet or Chromebook.

Greg has answered a few questions that were raised at the end of the webinar.

Q.Does the voice recognition need training like DNS?
A.Voice recognition, or speech input, in EquatIO does not require training.  For more on speech input in EquatIO see Speech Input Commands

Q.I am figuring this is probably not OK for exam use due to predictive nature of the software???
A.This depends of the purpose of the exam. A future update of EquatIO will enable features to be switched off and on. 

Q.Is Equatio compatible with Firefox
A. EquatIO mathspace is currently only supported in the Chrome browser, but we’ll be adding support for other browsers in the future. EquatIO for Google is only available via the Chrome Browser.