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Webinar: Enhancing Self-Disclosure of Equity Group Membership

This webinar was hosted by ADCET and the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND) in August, 2017.  Presented by Rita Kusevskis-Hayes, Dr. Colin Clark and Matthew Wilkinson - UNSW project team.  This webinar was based around research (funded through a HEPPP National Priorities grant) that is investigating why members of equity groups choose not to self-identify to their universities, either upon enrolment or later. This webinar discussed: The purpose of the project; What is known so far from disclosure statistics and different disclosure practices and methods across institutions; and, What is not known.

Please note: On slide 3, under the students living with a disability/disabilities section, the percentage for total university population was read incorrectly, it should have been 5.8%. And in the total equity focus population section, the total of university population should have been read as 11.3%.

August 2021. The website that was associated with this project is no longer active on the UNSW website, we have therefore removed its reference from this resource.