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Copyright and Print Disability. Institutions assisting people with disabilities

Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) is the collecting society approved by the Attorney-General to administer the statutory licence for institutions assisting people with an intellectual or print disability. Australia’s copyright legislation allows the conversion of copyright content, such as books, into accessible formats for people with print disabilities, without infringing the copyright owners’ rights.

These uses include making sound recordings, Braille versions, large-print versions, adaptations, photographic and electronic versions of copyright works.

In December 2017, the provisions in the Copyright Act (the legislation) for people with a disability changed.

The legislation is different for people working in education institutions and specialist institutions assisting people with a disability than it is for people working in other organisations.

In either case, however, the first step is to check if the content can be purchased in the required format. If not, check if it can be borrowed or acquired from another organisation that holds a copy in the required format.