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ADCET UDL Symposium: How ANYONE can make an engaging podcast in an hour!

The recordings will be added here in late September

Online workshop

This presentation provided an interactive “how to” experience relating to the development of a podcast. It addressed several pressing questions and challenges:

  • How can podcasts increase accessibility?
  • In what ways do they foster engagement?
  • How can students utilise podcasts to demonstrate knowledge and understanding?
  • How can podcasts be utilised to efficiently include an authentic industry voice into online content?
  • How can we overcome the barriers faced by educators with no prior experience or knowledge in using this tool?

Participants learnt about the diverse approaches to integrating podcasting into existing learning and assessment materials. From structuring content to designing interactive elements, the presentation offered a comprehensive overview to utilising podcasts for educational purposes.

The anticipated impact of this workshop is to enhance UDL by enabling educators to create podcasts that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their learners, thereby fostering a more inclusive educational environment.

The highlight of the presentation was its interactive elements. Participants actively engaged in the process by making and submitting their own voice recordings in real time which contributed to the live development of a podcast episode. Witnessing their contributions transform into a podcast, alongside a live demonstration of the editing process, offered a hands-on experience that enriched understanding and encouraged future use of this tool in their own practice.

As a tangible output, a comprehensive how-to guide will be provided to all participants, empowering them to embark on their own podcasting journey. By equipping educators with the tools and knowledge needed to implement UDL through podcasts, this presentation aimed to catalyse positive change in online education, making it more accessible and engaging for all.


Sophia Holmes, Dr. Brigid Morrison and Mark Shelton, University of Tasmania